A new taste experience...


Oké Vodka Saffron is a premium quality vodka to which the spice saffron has been added. The unique taste, aroma and color of the vodka are due to this special ingredient. The saffron used in Oké Vodka Saffron comes from different growers in seven countries: France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Morocco, Iran, and Afghanistan. Of these, the largest producer is Iran.


Saffron is commonly known as "red gold" because it costs a lot to produce. The quality of the active ingredients very much depends on time of harvesting, storage conditions and proper processing. The saffron flower takes about eight months to grow until it is ready for harvesting, usually in October and November.


The taste of saffron recalls the sweetness of honey, but is also slightly bitter. This gives the vodka a pleasantly mild flavor that will appeal to everyone!


Oké Vodka Saffron contains 40% alcohol and is available in 700 ml bottles.